som pix

I'm going to make an effort to start carrying around my camera a little more often and take pictures of crap.

So let's do it to it!

My college has been going on a veritable spree of erecting statues lately, and subsequently the tuition for every credit hour has increased by nearly 20 dollars.


This is the most recently erected statue, a massive metal abortion sprawling out over what used to be my favorite part of the quad. This thing is probably about 16-18 feet tall and nearly as wide. It was constructed over the summer with promises that students would be able to sit around and "interact with" the new statue. If you can't tell, there's nothing "interactive" about this thing. You can't even sit on it at its lowest part. The only thing "interactive" about this artwork is that it's just obstructive enough that you have to walk around it if you're going from one side of the campus to the other.

Aside from all this, this statue actually displaced another, smaller, better statue that had been comfortably nestled in the grassy area where this thing now stands. I'll get a picture of it next week, but it's a really cool brass number that stands about three feet tall, depicting a flower composed of human hands reaching upward to form a "stalk," with a human face emerging from a blooming flower. I always really liked this statue; small, thought-provoking and meaningful. It stands in stark contrast to this thing, which is large, painfully reflective and simple to the point of boredom.

This is the view from the library on the third floor. I'm not sure why I took this one. On this note, I hate snow.